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Motherease Wizard Cloth Diapers Wizard diaper line - one step diapering

Wizard Duo Hybrid Cloth Diaper

Wizard Duo
Hybrid Diaper

Snap the Diaper Insert into the Duo Cover for a diaper that goes on in one simple step!

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Wizard Uno All in One Diaper

Wizard Uno
All in One Diaper

Super slim fitting without compromising absorbency you will love this diaper!

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Wizard EasyStuff Pocket Diaper

Wizard EasyStuff
Pocket Diaper

Economy with exceptional performance makes the Wizard EasyStuff One Size Diaper a Great Choice!

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Watch One Step Cloth Diapering Video

Wizard One Step Diapering Video

Learn how our One Step diapering system works in this informational video!

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Motherease Fitted Cloth Diapers Fitted Diaper Line - Two Step Diapering

One Size Fitted Diaper

One Size
Fitted Diaper

Our One Size Cloth Diapers, fit from newborn to toilet training.

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Sandy's - Two Size Fitted Diaper

Fitted Diaper

Cloth diapers made from our soft stretchy terry cloth, but with an extra layer of absorbent terry inside. 

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Diaper Covers

Diaper Covers

Functional leak-free diapers can be fashionable too!

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Two Step Diapering Video

Fitted Two Step Diapering Video

Learn how our Two Step diapering system works in this informational video!

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Popular Diapering Accessories

Mother-ease Laundering Products

Laundering Products

Protect your investment with our safe and friendly laundering products.

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Bedwetter Pant

Bedwetter Pants

Our bedwetter pant is a pull up style superabsorbent pant for older children that need night time protection.

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Diaper Sprayer

Diaper Sprayer

Simplify cloth diapering with the Motherease Diaper Sprayer! This makes rinsing your cloth diapers a much more pleasant experience.

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Diaper Sprayer

Contoured Reusable Nursing Pads

Our nursing pads are a must have for leakage protection while breastfeeding. Available in 3 fabric options: Bamboo, Organic and high tech Stay Dry.

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We manufacture all of our products in our own facility in St. Catharines, Canada. Full control over production allows us to monitor each step of the production process and our Quality Control Standards are met. Our custom made diaper fabrics are made to our specifications and are perfectly suited for our products. By testing all of our fabrics in advance and applying our Quality Control Standards we are confident all Mother-ease cloth diapers, covers and accessories are of consistent top quality.


With Mother-ease Cloth Diaper Systems the absorbent portion of the cloth diaper is separated from the cover. This creates 2 independent elasticized components working together to prevent leaks. The separated systems maximize washabity because wash water is better able to flow through the absorbent portion of the diaper.

Environmental Responsibility

Mother-ease has been powering its facility with 100% green energy since 2007. Our Bamboo Terry and Organic Cotton diaper fabrics as well as the dyes used for our colored diapers have all been rated as Eco-Friendly. Our terry fabrics are all knit in Canada eliminating the need to ship from overseas. Mother-ease employees receive fair wages as well as company paid benefits.

Health Benefits

There are significant health benefits to using cloth diapers, but at Mother-ease we go above and beyond. We control the entire production process from purchasing cotton yarns and having them knit and finished to making cloth diapers under strict Canadian laws for children's apparel. When they arrive at your door you can be absolutely confident in Mother-ease Cloth Diapers.