Care & Laundering Instructions

Wash and Care Instructions for Diapers and Covers

Used Diapers 

Step1   Wet cloth diapers go directly into the diaper pail, no rinsing is necessary. Soiled cloth diapers are rinsed in the toilet, then put into the diaper pail. Mother-ease offers a diaper sprayer that attaches to your toilet to simplify rinsing. Review this product in our shopping section under "Diapering Accessories". 
Step1   When the pail is full, dump the cloth diapers directly into the washing machine.
Step1   Pre-rinse or do a short cycle with warm water and detergent.  Use the detergent you use for the rest of your laundry (without bleach). Avoid the use of fabric softeners, or use just a small amount (over use may result in reduced absorbency).
Step1   Wash the cloth diapers in a full cycle, at highest water level, using hot water, and your household detergent (without bleach). Bleach is very harsh against your baby’s skin and may damage the cloth diaper's fibers and elastics.
Step1   The washed cloth diapers may either be line dried or dried in the dryer.


Used Covers

Machine wash in warm water using your household detergent (without bleach) and tumble dry on low, or line dry.

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