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The Leak-Free All-in-Two Cloth Diapering Solution

The Wizard Duo is the leader in All in Two Cloth Diapers - simple, absorbent and leak-free!

Simply snap our absorbent Duo Insert into our waterproof Duo Cover and it becomes as convenient to use as an All-in-One but much more economical. Fewer covers are needed because the Duo Cover can be reused a number of times before laundering!

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     How it works:


How it Works - Step 1

Snap the absorbent Insert into
waterproof Cover.



How it works - step 2

Snap Duo cloth diaper snuggly on baby in one simple step.


Replace Insert

How it Works - Step 3

Once soiled, remove Duo insert and snap in a clean one!


  • One Step Diapering
  • Inner Leakage Protection
  • Full Coverage Duo Insert
  • Fold Down Rise System
  • 6 Snap System
  • Outer leakage protection
  • PUL Diaper Cover
  • Soft Diaper Cover Binding



Unbleached Cotton Terry

Naturally absorbent, quick drying cotton with special polyester core for added durability and shrinkage control!

Absorbency: 250 - 340 ml

Available in Newborn, Small, Large and One Size

Prewash: Once with HOT water + detergent


Bamboo Terry

Velvety soft natural bamboo with special polyester core for added durability and shrinkage control.

Absorbency: 300 - 350 ml

Available in Small, Large and One Size

Prewash: Once with HOT water + detergent


Stay Dry

100% polyester with moisture wicking technology keeps your baby comfortable and dry even in a soaking wet diaper!

Our most durable and longest lasting fabric!

Absorbency: 350 - 425 ml

Available in Small, Large and One Size

Prewash: Once with HOT water + detergent

Stay Dry Insert

Stay Dry - Night Time

All the same properties as the Stay Dry Insert with a SUPER absorbent core! No absorbent boosters needed - just snap in and change 12+ hours later without any leaks!

Absorbency: 425 - 500 ml

Available in Small, Large and One Size

Prewash: Once with HOT water + detergent 


One Size

A one size diaper, fitting from 10 to 35 lbs is a great economical option. The adjustable waist and rise snaps allow the diaper to grow with your baby!

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Small and Large


A two size diaper, Small and Large, offers a great fit in each of the size ranges.

Small Size, fitting from 8 to 18 lbs is a great option for parents that find a one-size diaper to big on a newborn baby.

The Large size, fitting from 18 to 35 lbs is needed once your baby has outgrown the small size.

With great absorbency and two lines of defense, the Wizard Duo never leaks!

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Newborn Wizard Duo Diaper

Planning to cloth diaper immediately and want the best fit?  OR do you find the one size diaper too large for your newborn baby?

The Newborn size fits from 6 to 12 lbs.


Packages Available:

Trial PackageTrial Package

A test drive package gives parents an opportinity to wash and use the Wizard Duo Diapering system and fall in love with cloth diapering!  Package includes 1 Duo Cover and 2 Duo Inserts to create 2 diaper changes.

* Limit one Trial Package per household.

NTPkg250pxNight Time Package

Tired of leaks?  Want a dry baby and bedsheet in the morning?
Includes our Wizard Duo Night Time Insert for the MOST absorbency!

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Wizard-Duo-6-Diaper-Package6 Diaper Package

A great start to supplement your diaper stash or to try cloth diapering more seriously. Package includes 3 Duo Covers, 1 Absorbent Booster and 6 Duo Inserts to create a 6 diaper change package.

Package starting at $105

12 Diaper Package12 Diaper Package

Our part-time package - enough diapers to cloth diaper your new baby part time. Package includes 4 Duo Covers, 3 Absorbent Boosters and 12 Duo Inserts to create a 12 diaper change package.

Package starting at $180

24 Diaper Package24 Diaper Package

A complete package to cloth diaper full time. The 24 package allows for laundry every other day and includes 6 Duo Covers, 6 Absorbent Boosters and 24 Duo Inserts to create a 24 diaper change package.

Package starting at $320

36 Diaper Package36 Diaper Package

Our convenience package - allows you to postpone laundry by yet another day!
Package includes 10 Duo Covers, 10 Absorbent Boosters and 36 Duo Inserts to create a 36 diaper change package.

Package starting at $450

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Wizard BoosterAbsorbent Boosters / Liners

Increase the absorbency of any Mother ease cloth diaper for night and nap time. Simply lay inside and snap diaper shut.

Note: absorbent booster is only requried after 6+ months of age for night and nap time use.

How to stuff a diaper


Q. How do I wash?

HOT water and a good quality detergent - your washing machine and dryer do the rest!

Q. How much will it cost?

For 1 child, we recommend a 24 Diaper Package to ensure you're washing a full load of diapers each time. The cost will range from $319.99 to 589.99

Q. What are the absorbent liners for?

Absorbent liners are used to boost the absorbency of diapers when you plan on leaving them on longer (example: night or nap time)

Q. What are Perfect Size Covers vs Adjustable Size Duo Covers

Perfect size covers are available in Newborn, Small, Medium, Large and XLarge and offer a "Perfect" fit. A great option when purchasing the One Size package and include Perfect Size covers (sm, med, lg) for a great fit!

Adjustable size covers "grow" with your baby and are great when you are between sizes or have more than one in cloth!

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