Slim, trendy, simple, absorbent & economical. The Wizard Duo OneSize Diaper has it all!

Wizard Duo Night Time 2 Pack

Tired of changing clothes & bedding? Nothing works? Frustrated?

Try the Wizard Duo Night Time Diaper with its super absorbent core that remains dry to the touch - even when wet! All this while staying suprisingly slim!

Wizard Duo Night Time Diaper Inserts fit perfectly into our Adjustable and Perfect Size covers! 

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Weight Range


Package Cost

Small 8-18 lbs 15 oz   / 425 ml $52.75
Large 18-35 lbs 17 oz   / 500 ml $62.75
One Size 10-35 lbs 17 oz   / 500 ml $62.95


Whats in the Package?

  • 1 Wizard Duo Adjustable or Perfect Size Cover
  • 2 Wizard Duo Night Time Diaper Inserts
  • This makes 2 diaper changes! Click to learn how!




Recent Testimonial

" We received our Wizard Duo NT diapers and just LOVE them. They work better than ANYthing we have ever tried for nighttime. So Amazing! " Read more reviews >>



PTPA Award  warranty