The Leak-Free All-in-Two Cloth Diapering Solution

How it works

  • Snap the Wizard Duo Cloth Diaper Insert into the Wizard Duo Cover
  • Simply replace the Duo Diaper Insert when soiled
  • Reuse the Duo Cover 3 - 4 times
  • Our two-size diaper insert offers a great fit for smaller and larger babies
  • Simple and hygenic, this cloth diaper is daycare friendly
  • Double elasticized waist (front and back) and leg openings for perfect leak-free cloth diapering

Diaper_01Diaper_02 Diaper_03

Two-Size Wizard Duo Diaper Insert

  • Small Duo Insert fits 8-18 lbs
  • Large Duo Insert fits 18-35 lbs
  • Inserts expand and contract to fit Small and Large Adjustable Covers

Two-Size Wizard Duo Cover

  • Covers the Wizard Duo Insert
  • Small Cover fits 8-18 lbs
  • Large Cover fits 18-35 lbs
  • Available in a rainbow of colors and prints!

Why Use a Two-Size System?

  • Better fit
  • Wear and tear is distributed over two sets of diapers
  • Great for parents planning on having more children

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 Daycare Friendly  PTPA Award Motherease Best of Mothering Award