Wizard Uno

                                       Award Winning, Leak Free, Wizard Uno All in One


Super slim fitting without compromising absorbency you will love the performance of this high tech diaper!
The Wizard Uno is a slim fitting diaper with an ultra-absorbent StayDry inner core, super convenient and easy to use!
A simple 1-Step Diapering System, just Snap on and Go!
Due to its simplicity and hygenic nature, the Wizard Uno is Daycare Friendly!
Wizard Uno Cloth Diaper   Wizard Uno Savanna Cloth Diaper   Wizard Uno Oceans Cloth Diaper   
  Daycare Friendly
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Wizard Uno



Wizard Uno EasyCare

- Hygenic washability and quick drying time

- Wash water flows through easily

- Water extraction during spinning is more effective

- Stuff additional liners between the cover and absorbent core for naps or overnight

- Added absorbency auto ejects in the wash

- Easy to rinse soiled diapers
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With 4 different sizes covering all size ranges, you can be sure that your diapers will fit properly and be 100% leak free!  
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Wizard Uno Introductory Offer
  XSmall 6-12 lbs    
  Small 8-18 lbs  
  Medium 18-27 lbs  
  Large 27-35 lbs  
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